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216 - The System's Rigged! Learning Science You Need for Better AR/VR Experiences

March 31, 2020
The Rosen Centre

Creating meaningful learning experiences using AR & VR tools can be a two-way challenge. On one side, tech developers and adopters may lack sufficient insights from learning science to drive optimal use. On the other side, learning specialists, like instructional designers and instructors, may lack familiarity with the spectrum of emergent technologies required for adapting instructional strategies to a rapidly transforming tech landscape. Consequently, we miss opportunities for the "best fit" of tech to learner. Our own industry-university journey has addressed this mismatch in a journey that included looking at our own VR simulators for potential design triggers of cyber sickness and led to a replicable approach for next generation learning strategies. What we uncovered was a triadic relationship between the learning task, technology, and individual learner differences that we will share as a template for supporting improved AR/VR learning solutions.

This session will explore key takeaways from that journey and share a template for your organization, designed to help learning specialists grow their AR/VR instructional strategies and help AR/VR developers anticipate and design for better fit with instructional needs. You will explore how to use this template, but first you'll be taken through how our industry-university partnership led us to it. You'll see how exploring the effects of design decisions on cybersickness emphasized the inseparable connection between cognitions, psychomotor tasks, and attitudes and helped us solidify strategies for better communication among AR/VR learning design teams. Then, you’ll practice applying these connections to real-world problems so that you can become familiar with the template. By the end of the session, you’ll be prepared to return to your organization with tangible takeaways that can help transform your AR/VR learning strategies.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Why current experience/training gaps have led to challenges in creating meaningful AR/VR learning experiences
  • Fundamental instructional strategies for AR/VR and how they may differ from other learning strategies
  • How to apply a template for matching instructional strategies to AR/VR tech
  • How to communicate best practices for approach adoption back to your organization


Designers, developers, managers, instructional designers

Technology discussed:


Patricia Bockelman Morrow, Associate Professor - University Of Central Florida
Susan Spark, Learning Technology Manager - Schlumberger
Rae Hanson, Information Architect - Institute for Simulation & Training, University of Central Florida

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