2020 Realities360 Keynotes



Our keynote speakers will share ground-breaking stories of their experiences with augmented and virtual reality and will inspire you to incorporate these technologies into your workflow in new, exciting ways.

keynote1Creativity: Thinking Outside the (Cake) Box

Duff Goldman

Pastry Chef, TV Personality, Charm City Cakes

During this fascinating opening keynote, Duff will share stories of his life and work, examining how a classically trained pastry chef and metal craftsman turned his unrelated passions into a unique, creative art form. He will also put the creative practices he will share into action, showcasing his decorating techniques live during an on-stage interview. Join us as Duff Goldman reflects on the stories and inspiration behind his confectionary masterpieces and shows that magic can happen when creativity is king and “no limits” is the mantra. Read more →

Keynote3How VR & AR Technologies Enhance Workforces to Transform the Enterprise

Jaimy Szymanski

Industry Analyst & Founding Partner, Kaleido Insights

Jaimy Szymanski will explore the six most effective cross-departmental use cases of mixed reality (or XR) within organizations, and the advantages of utilizing XR over traditional processes, practices, and legacy technologies. You’ll discover the benefits of each XR use case over traditional approaches, catalysts driving XR adoption within corporations, and more. Read more →

keynote2The Future of Learning and Work

Michelle Weise

Senior VP of Workforce Strategies and Chief Innovation Officer, Strada Education Network

In this closing keynote, Dr. Weise illustrates how learning and work are becoming inseparable and how education and training must transform itself to support the workplaces of tomorrow. She will explore the factors that are changing the nature of work, and offer tips that learning and development professionals can apply to prepare themselves, and their organizations, for the future of work. You will leave this closing session with a new view on your work and how it may need to evolve in the future. Read more →

Stephanie Llamas

How XR Will Shape the Future of Enterprise

Stephanie Llamas

Head of Strategy and XR, SuperData, a Nielsen company

During this focused keynote, Stephanie Llamas will explore how XR is on its way to revolutionizing enterprise and what this means for the enterprise XR industry as a whole. She will look at the key opportunities for content creators, where commercial organizations are investing their money, and finally,  the ROI. You'll leave this keynote with insights into how to take advantage of XR's enormous opportunities and how the market's future will affect your bottom line. Read more →


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